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Product Details
PTFE Micropowder TPD-503s

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) micropowder TPD-503S is a kind of low molecular weight white powder processed by special technology. It has excellent chemical resistance, thermal stability, weather resistance, temperature resistance, non-stickiness, flame retardancy and self-lubrication. It not only keeps the excellent properties of PTFE, but also has many unique properties, good dispersibility and even blending, which can improve the performance of the host materials. TPD-503S can be used not only as solid lubricant, but also as additives of high-end lubricant and grease, inks, coatings, plastics, etc.


Excellent chemical resistance
Excellent thermal stability
Excellent dispersibility, miscibility and smoothness
Improve the non-stickiness, anti-friction and scratch resistance of the product
Good self-lubricating performance and can be used for dry lubrication of sliding parts
Technical Index

ItemTypical Value
AppearanceWhite particles
Particle Size(µm)D50: ˂ 3.5µm, D90: ˂ 6.0µm
Apparent density(g/L)≤ 450
Specific Surface Area(m2/g)~4.5
Melting point ℃327±5

Used as additives in printing inks and printer inkjet powders.
Used as additives in coil, powder, wood, leather, plastic, non-stick coatings, etc.
Used as additives in fluorocarbon coatings with high corrosion resistance.
Used as additives in high-end lubricating oil, high-load and low-speed grease for transmission machinery.
Use Mothod

Suggested dosage level: 0.1%-1.0%, high-speed stirring is needed to achieve the best dispersion effects.

In order to maintain good dispersion and blending property of PTFE micropowder, it can be treated in oven below 120℃ before use.


Environmental friendly carton drum lined with PE bag, net weight 25kg/drum.

Transporation & Storage

Transported as non-dangerous cargo.

Avoid severe vibration and high temperature sunshine during transportation.

Stored in cool, dry, dark and ventilated place, avoid moisture.

Shelf Life

3 years.
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