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PFPE Base Oil For Grease Topda B-1800

Product Details
PFPE Base Oil For Grease Topda B-1800

PFPE Oil Topda B Grades are perfluorinated polyether inert fluids with only carbon (C), fluorine(F), and oxygen(O) atoms on the molecular chain. They not only maintain the excellent properties of perfluoropolyether fluids, but also has many unique properties, such as excellent high temperature stability, good low temperature properties, low evaporative loss and high viscosity index. They are widely used as base oil to formulate PFPE greases for specific appliations to meet the most challenging demands.

PFPE Oil For Grease B-1800

Excellent high temperature stability
Good low temperature properties
Unmatched chemical and solvent resistance
Low evaporative loss
High viscosity index
Good lubricity
Excellent compatibility with metals, plastics, elastomers
Low surface tension
Good radiation stability
No flash or fire point
Environmental friendly
Technical Index

Equivalent ProductY04Y15Y25YU700YRYR1800
Working Temperature Range°C-63~132-54~160-42~183-36~204-36~260-33~288-25~300-15~350-5~360
Kinematic Viscosity
at 20℃cSt381422605228221200182026003500
at 40℃cSt1548831602433455107501000
at 100 °CcSt3711182533466588
Viscosity index29100116124134136148157171
Pour Point°C-63-60-42-36-36-33-20-15-5
Evaporation weight loss
at 120 °C, 22 hr%3510311–––
at 204 °C, 22 hr%–––7310.80.60.5
Surface tension at 20 °Cdyne/cm202122222324242424
Density at 0 °Cg/cm31.911.911.931.941.951.951.951.951.95

PFPE Oil Topda B Grades are widely used as base oil to be formulated into greases for specific applications in the chemical, electronic, military, nuclear, data processing and other industries in need of high performance lubrication.

Transportation & Storage

1KG and 5KG plastic drums or other packing according to the clients’ request. Transported as non-dangerous cargoStored in a cool, dark, dry and ventilated place. Keep the container tightly closed.

Shelf Life

Shelf Life: 2 years
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