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Fluorosilicone Rubber Compound TPD-FS-R8200

Product Details
Fluorosilicone Rubber Compound TPD-FS-R8200

General Purpose Fluorosilicone Rubber Compound Topda FS-R8200 is light yellow translucent uncatalyzed fluorosilicone rubber base mixed evenly with some kinds of fillers and additives. It can be used as seal material in special condition with requirements of resistance to high and low temperature, oil and some other chemical mediums.


Integrated advantages of both silicone rubber and fluororubber
Wide working temperature range(-60°C-200°C)
Good resistance to solvent & fuel oil
Easily pigmented
High tensile force retention at high temperature which is like silicone rubber
High insulation
High selective permeability
Technical Index

ItemsTesting MethodR8230R8240R8250R8260R8270R8280
AppearanceVisual InspectionTranslucent, smooth surface, no visible impurities
Specific Gravity(g/cm3, 25℃)ASTM D7921.421.431.461.481.491.50
Hardness(Shore A)ASTM D2240304050607080
Tensile Strength(MPa) Die CASTM D4128.510.
Elongation at Break(%) Die CASTM D412350375350300250165
Tear Strength(KN/m) Die BASTM D624212525222018
Compression Set (177℃X22hr) (25%) B typeASTM D395151213141516
Volume Change(reference fuel B)(%)(23℃x70hr)ASTM D471222019181818
* Properties obtained using 0.55 phr 2,5-bis (tert-butylperoxy)-2,5-dimethylhexane (DHBP). Molded 15min at 170℃, post-cured 4hr at 200℃. If other cure temperature needed, vulcanization system shall be changed.


Used as sealing materials to resist petroleum oil, lubricant oil, hydraulic oil, transformer oil, and non-polar chemical reagents in low temperature and/or high temperature environments

Used to produce molded, extruded, and calendered fluorosilicone parts, such as O-rings, gaskets, sealing rings, oil seals, sealing strips, sensor materials, diaphragms, membranes, and clips for fluorosilicone gaskets and pipes.


It is available in 12.5 Kg per plastic bag and 2 bags in 1 carton.

Transportation & Storage

Transported as non-dangerous substance.

Keep it in good condition of packing during transportation.

The product should be stored in a dry and ventilate place at room temperature.

Avoid from acid, alkali chemical materials and other impurities.

Shelf life

Shelf life: 1 year.
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