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Fluorosilicone elastomer TPD-EH2000

Product Details
Fluorosilicone elastomer TPD-EH2000

Composition: Copolymer made by D3f and methyl-vinyl-cyclosiloxane

Fluorosilicone Elastomer Topda FS-EH2000 is the copolymer made by D3f and methyl-vinyl-cyclosiloxane through polymerization. It is a high temperature vulcanized elastomer with high molecular weight. It has combined the advantages of both silicone rubber and fluorine rubber, therefore it can be used as sealing materials in special places with requirements of resistance to high and/or low temperature, oil, solvent and other mediums.


Wide application temperature range(-60~200℃)
Good resistance to solvent, oil and other chemical mediums
Low volatile content
Easily mixed with different types of fillers such as silica, calcium carbonate, etc.
Technical Index

Items FS-EH2001
FS-EH2002 FS-EH2003FS-EH2004
Appearance Colorless or light-yellow transparent gum, no visible impurities
Specific Gravity, g/cm31.30
Molecular Weight(10,000) 50
Vinyl Content, mol % 0.2~0.8
Content of volatile components (150°C×3hr), %<2

Used to produce fluorosilicone rubber parts with various hardness, such as O-rings, gaskets, sealing strips, oil seals, sensor material, diaphragms and clips for spacers.

Used as sealing materials in poor condition of environment, which requires material to resist to high & low temperatures, fuels, lubricants, hydraulic oil, transformer oil or nonpolar chemical reagents.


10 Kg per aluminum-plastic composite bag and 2 bags in 1 carton.

Transportation & Storage

Transported as non-dangerous substance.

Keep it in good condition of packing during transportation.

The product should be stored in a dry and ventilate place at room temperature.

Avoid from acid, alkali chemical materials and other impurities.

If the package is broken, please do not use any materials that are whitish or not transparent.

Shelf life

Shelf life: 2 year.
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