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Product Details
Fluorosilicone Oil TPD-FS8012

Composition: low molecular weight polymer of methyl-(3,3,3-trifluoropropyl)siloxane (100% fluorosilicone polymer)

Synonyms: Trifluoropropylmethylsiloxane, Methyl Trifluoropropyl Silicone Fluid, Trifluoropropyl methyl siloxane polymer

CAS No: 63148-56-1

Equivalent Product: Dow Corning FS 1265 or Dowsil FS 1265

Fluorosilcone Oil TPD-FS8012
Chemical Structure:

Fluorosilicone Oil FS-8012

Fluorosilicone oil TPD-FS8012 is methyl terminated low molecular weight polymer. Since the introduction of trifluoropropyl on silicon atoms, it has excellent oil & solvent resistance, good lubricity, low surface tension and low refractive index, while remains wide working temperature range of silicone oil(-40~204℃).


Excellent oil & solvent and chemical resistance
Excellent oxidation resistance
Low surface tension and low refractive index
Good compatibility with most elastomers
Wide range of working temperature(-40~204℃)
Technical Index

AppearanceColorless transparent or light yellow transparent liquid
Viscosity at 25℃mm2/s3005001,000
Viscosity at -18℃mm2/s5,20012,00020,000
Viscosity at 100℃mm2/s273669
Viscosity at 204℃mm2/s5.36.410.3
Flashing Point℃≥260≥270≥300
Freezing Point℃≤-47≤-40≤-31
Working Temperature℃-40~204
Volatility (200℃/4hr)%<5
* Fluorosilicone oil TPD-FS8012 is also available in 10,000mm2/s.


Used as a base oil for grease & paste with requirement of corrosion and solvent resistance.

Used in production of efficient defoaming agent and textile finishing agent.

Used in vacuum pump as a lubricating oil to handle with highly reactive gas.


5KG, 25KG, 50KG or 200KG Plastic or Iron drums.

Transportation & Storage

1. Transported as non-dangerous chemicals.

2. Require sealed and airproof packing.

3. Should be stored in a shady cool, ventilated warehouse.

4. Keep away from fire, heat source, direct sunlight and rain.

5. Avoid from oxidant, acid, alkali chemical materials and other impurities.

Shelf Life

Shelf Life: 2 years.
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