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PTFE Aqueous Dispersion TPD-600E

Product Details
PTFE Aqueous Dispersion TPD-600E

PTFE Dispersion TPD-600E Grades are aqueous milky dispersions of very small PTFE particles in water, stabilized by surfactants. They are widely used in various application fields such as impregnation of glass fiber and asbestos, non-stick coating for cooking ware, etc.

PTFE Aqueous Dispersion TPD-605E

Inertness to almost all industrial chemicals and solvents
Excellent liquid stability
Excellent adhesion strength
Non-stick characteristics
Technical Index

AppearanceWhite or yellowish liquid
Solid Content, %60±2
Surfactant, %2.0-4.04.0-7.04.0-7.05.0-7.04.0-7.54.0-7.0
pH Value8-10

TPD-601E: Impregnation of glass fiber and asbestos, plastic anti-flaming agent.

TPD-602E: Impregnation of glass fiber and asbestos, especially for medium and high grade non-stick coating.

TPD-603E: Impregnation of glass fiber and asbestos.

TPD-604E: Impregnation of glass fiber and mesh cloth.

TPD-605E: Impregnation of glass fiber and asbestos, high grade non-stick coating(free of PFOA).

TPD-606E: Non-stick coating with high brightness, high adhesion performance and high film forming requirements.


N.W.25KG or 200KG Plastic drums or N.W.1000KG IBC Totes.

Transporation & Storage

Transported as non-dangerous cargo.

Avoid heavy shaking, high temperature and the temperature below 0℃.

After three months, shake the drums every week to avoid the deposition.

Shelf Life

6 months.
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