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Product Details
Shuttle kiln for ceramic products
Brief introduction of shuttle kiln:
shuttle kiln and tunnel kiln are important sintering equipment in ceramic and procelain insulator industries.
We have the know-how for design high temperature high-speed burner equipped shuttle kiln for electrical 
porcelain insulators.
The qualiffied products rate can reach 95%~99% by utilization of this shuttle kiln.
The temperature differential within the sintering chamber of the shuttle kiln is less than +/-5 degree centigrade 
and control accuracy at thoumal couple point can be +/-1degree centigrade.
Exhaust heat can be recycled to preheat air for fuel burning.
The shuttle kiln can burn natural gas, coal gas, gasified heavy oil as fuel.
The tunnel kiln is also widely used in continuous sintering of small size ceramics and insulators.
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