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faraday cage of HV transformer PD test
faraday cage of HV transformer PD test
HV test shielding room  (faraday cage) are Widely used in power cable, transformer, transformer switch, transformer substation and other High voltage levels of partial discharge test or impulse test.

Technical parameters:  
Ø Faladay cage Size: 17.5m×7.5m× 6m(height)
Ø Control room : 3m×2m×3m
Ø Motor driven airtight swing door :2.5×2.5(H)m ,upper transmission
Ø Shielding and grounding of Faraday Cage: it is a 6 surface shielding body,overall electrical connection among these 6 surface,multipoint grounding of main body.
Ø Efficiency after electromagnetic shielding  (to meet requests for PD testing )
     0.5~1.6MHz    ≥60dB;
Ø Background noise:< 5PC
Ø Grounding resistance of grounding electrode: < 0. 5Ω (by B&D ready )
Ø There are 6 air-vents on top of roof.
Ø There is a switch box in cage but at one meter above ground.
Ø There are 9 lighting on roof,its illumination will be morn than  250lks at one meter above ground.
Ø Power supply into Faraday cage will be equipped filter.
Ø About ground connection wire :indoor ground copper bar
Ø Surface of Main body will be galvanized sheet and electrostatic
Ø spraying on surface.its craft and material meets China national standard.
Ø To meet the requirements of design and maintain,steel sheet split mounting type structure will be adopted.
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