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Product Details
00kV Mobile Lab for CT/VT measurement test
500kV Mobile Lab for CT/VT measurement test
500kV CT&PT mobile lab is made up of a truck for 220kV CT&PT error test, a 500kV van-type trailer, test equipment and instruments(including standard PT and step-up transformer integrated equipment, strong current generator, standard CT, compensation reactor, compensation capacitor, comparator, integrated control device and so on). The whole set of equipment can do power frequency step-up and error test for PT of 500kV&below.  And also can do strong current and error test for CT of 3000A &below. This mobile lab can be moved and expanded based on test site conditions, can do site error test by integrated control device for electromagnetic PT, capacitance PT, CT of 500kV&below.
220kV test truck can do error test for 220kV&below CT/PT.
220kV test truck and 500kV trailer working together, can do error test for 500kV CT/PT.
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