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Product Details
200Hz /10kvA intermediate frequency generating set
200Hz /10kvA intermediate frequency generating set
One set of  4 KW asynchronous motor (3 phase,50Hz,380V,speed 1430 -1440r/min)
One set of 10kvA Synchro generator is an intermediate frequency  wide voltage separately excited generator. (125Hz,3phase,20- 240V, power factor:0.3)
One set of control cabinet  with  voltage regulator
One set of connection parts. (such as chassis,coupling and so on).
Main technical data and operationg condition:
Generally, the main body of a M+G set  will be fixed on a steel frame chassis .
Speed range of  asynchronous motor : 1430-1440rpm when 4 grade running.
Synchro generator is a 10 pole intermediate frequency wide voltage separately excited generator.(when the power supply frequency is 50Hz)
Generator excitation is separately excited way : It can stabilivolt running under given voltage condition. (scorp: voltage is 20 -  240 under 125Hz  and Continuous adjusted setting).
Rated output power: (125Hz): 3 phase, 10kvA , 20-240V, power factor 0.3 (hysteresis).
Power factor: 0.4 (hysteresis)
Class of insulation: B
Class of  Protection :IP44
Installation type: IMB3
Cooling : IC01
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