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Digital partical discharge detector
Digital partical discharge detector
Ø With anti-interference mode, which is unique in China, so that to attenuate space interference from site test.
Ø Great anti-shock ability.
Ø Digital PD detector with great accuracy (class 5, the highest accuracy in China)
Ø Data collection card with high-speed and great capacity, can collect PD data continuously, has good data reproducibility and high
Test function,
Ø Analyze function (multi-parameter analysis, 2 dimensional atlas analysis and 3 dimensional atlas analysis );
Ø Data save function;
Ø Report generation & printing function.
Ø This device displays PD waveform (ellipse,sine wave and straight line ), PD value and testing voltage simultaneously.
Ø Auto gain adjustment during calibration and testing process, which is easy to operate without manual operation
Ø Apply to power supply of 50Hz, 150Hz and up to 400hHz. And it can trace frequency phase of testing power supply.
Ø Open door and time window can be set arbitrarily, down to 1degree.
Ø Small size and low weight.
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