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Steel Cord Conveyor Belt General Use
Steel Cord Conveyor Belt, Coal Mine Steel Cord conveyor Belt, Metallurgy Steel Cord Conveyor Belt Manufacturer
1. Applications
Steel cord conveyor belt for general use is widely used in coal, mine, port, metallurgy, power, chemical industries and suitable for high strength,long distance and heavy load transportation of materials.

2. Physical Properties of Rubber Cover (before aging)
GradeTensile Strength/Mpa ≥Breaking Elongation/% ≥Abrasion Loss/mm3 ≤
Note:Grade H-used for transporting sharp, abrasive materials which can damage belts badly.Grade D-used for transporting highly abrasive materials.Grade L-used for transporting medium-abrasion materials.

After-aging properties of rubber cover(70℃×7d):
Tensile strength and breaking elongation are both not lower than 75% of before-aging values.

3. Adhesion
a. Adhesion between rubber cover and belt core: ≥12N/mm.
b. Adhesion of steel core (N/mm)
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