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Polyamide Paint Roller Cover

Product Details
Polyamide Paint Roller Cover
Polyamide Paint Roller Cover, Rollers, paint roller, Paint Roller Tray, Paint Rollers 
 This high quality roller cover fits 10 in. rollers to help you paint semi-smooth and semi-rough surfaces easily. The roller cover features a heavy duty PP core and stripe for better roller visibility. Washable and reusable.
For semi-smooth and semi-rough surfaces
Washable and reusable
Water and solvent-resistant polypropylene core
Stripe on cover for better roller visibility
Fits all standard 10 in. roller handle
10" (250mm)¾" (18mm)1¾" (44mm)100pcs/cnt
Cohwa supply a range of paint rollers suitable both DIY'ers and professional painter. There are also mini rollers and radiator rollers available. Paint rollers are supplied either in sets or together with sleeves, roller cages and paint trays, there are a multitude of sizes available, from 4″to 15" wide, and a selection of materials to choose from including high density foam, polyester, acrylic, microfiber and simulated sheepskin in a variety of pile types.
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