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yoyik LVDT Position Sensor DET400A
YOYIK production and development of the unit power plant, steam plant, steel-specific products. YOYIK is located in the heavy industry city - Deyang, Main: generator parts; hydraulic machinery and components, electrical and electronic goods processing; coal-fired generating units; hydro-generating units; mechanical parts processing, with lack of scientific quality management system. Professional production and sales of various domestic and foreign high-quality original filter, filter, filter, filter filter information, primary sources, quality assurance.
LVDT Position Sensor DET400A
BA34H-112HBM-40-25-125 alkali liquor regeneration pump for power plant
CWY-DO-812503 probe
Limit SwitchWLGCA2-2
Pressure Switch559694-N4D150
AST solenoid valve coil Z2805013solenoid valve
φ17/φ25*15 glass fiber pipe
LPCV LVDT TD-1300S 0-300mm
ball valve SFQ41F-16C
filter HX-40*10Q3
ZJ-21-2(R) bolt heating rods for steam turbines
Sensor14000TD 0-700mm
LVDT Position Sensor DET400A
6000TDG-15-01-01 0-300mm LVDT sensor
pressure hose SMS-10/12-915mm-C
filter DL002001
Pressure switch414844 0.03Mpa-0.6Mpa
Rotation Speed ProbeNE6103
oil filter ZU-E100*40S
Digital MeterDM-3
TU790105 TU790100SMZY Sealing Ring Tu790100smzy
working filter AP1E102-01D10V/-W
filter HXW-40*100
GB849/88 16 gasket
70YB-45 coupling for 300MW units DC EOP
steam turbine bolt heater ZJ-20-37
oil filter Q3UI-A250*3FS
filter JX-800*180
Shaft Displacement TransmitterJX5111-02-50
filter FX-515*100
alumina filter 30-150-219
thrust ring GB/T7813-1998 SR200*21
BFP Power SupplyDMPSC001 24VDC
TD-1-100 LVDT sensor
sealing oil Re-Circulating pump HSNH440
lube filter PQX-150*10Q2
ZJ-16.5-14 bolt heating rods for steam turbines
D09.511.3Z thrust support bearing
200MW turbine D20DC Emergency pump impeller
bellows globe valve WJ10F1.6P
Thermal Control Servo ModuleDMSVC007-R
sealing ring HB4-56J8-77
Differential pressure transmitter3051CD0A02A1AM5B3H2L4
pressure hose SMS-12/20-610mm-C
filter FBX (TZ)-630*5
jacking oil pump outlet filter DQ8302GA10H3.5C
HY-SHV4.02Z globe valve
filter FBX-1300*5
LVDT Position Sensor DET400A

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