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Fiberglass Insect Screen
Fiberglass Insect Screen
It is made through fiberglass monofilament plastic coating and plain weaving. All the remaining materials are finished in one time via PVC plastics.
Fiberglass window screen
Weaving and technology: adopt glass fiber monofilament plastic coating technology and is made through plain weaving, heating and sizing.
Material of glass fiber window screen: glass fiber screen, coated PVC, 65%’s plastic content, 35%’s glass fiber yarn; fire resistance ≦5 seconds (international standard)
Mesh: 12x12 mesh, 14x14 mesh, 16x16 mesh, 18x16 mesh, 19x17 mesh, 20x20 mesh (inch);
Specification and dimension: width of the glass fiber window screen as produced by our factory: 0.3-3.2m; length: 13m-300m;
Color: white, black, gray, hoary (longitude: gray; latitude:white); besides, blue, green, yellow, coffee and other colors can be customized separately.
Weight: 90g-135g/m2;
Remarks: We offer ten meters’ product if the window screen produced by our factory one meter shorter than the expected length. In case of quality problem, we offer refund or change no matter the quantity. And the total transportation cost shall be paid by our factory.
1. Long service life: It has such advantages as high resistance to weather, aging, severe cold, drying, damp, flame, static, ultraviolet ray, excellent transmission of light, high tension strength, long service life, attractive appearance and desirable structure and without channeling silk or deformation, The entire window screen is made through glass fiber monofilament plastic coating and plain weaving. All the remaining materials are finished in one time via PVC plastics. Separate assembly solves the great gap between traditional screen window and window frame and the untight sealing. The product is safe, attractive and shows excellent sealing effect.
2. The Fiberglass Insect screen can be applied to a wide range. It can be directly installed onto window frame, and all the windows can be assembled. The product is resistant to corrosion and aging, shows high strength, and is highly resistance to fire.
3. Non-poisonous and tasteless;
4. The Fiberglass window screen is made of fiber glass filament which is fireproofing and antiflaming.
5. The product is anti-static and therefore does not stick to dust. It also shows excellent gas permeability.
6. It shows excellent light transmittance and has invisible effect in the real sense.
7. It automatically filters light and prevents ultraviolet irradiation, thus protecting the health of users.
8. Anti-aging, long service life, reasonable design; number of use: 10,000 times;
9. Green and environmental-friendly: without chloro-fluoride harmful to atmosphere; meet the requirement of the ISO14001 international environment certification; therefore, application of this product will not cause pollution harmful to human body.
Purpose: applicable to high-grade office building, residence, various buildings, livestock farm, and orchard; it is the best product for prevent insects, flies and mosquitoes;
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