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YOYIK Electrohydraulic Servo Valve DEC21NF58N
Deyang Dongfang Yoyik is a strong manufacture and trade company. We have a wide range of mechanical parts and components generator parts, electrical and electronic products processing, hydraulic machinery and components, hydroelectric generating units, coal-fired generating units, especially professional accessories for DEC generator units. The goods are absolutely authentic, rest assured.
Electrohydraulic Servo Valve DEC21NF58N

HP accumulator bladder NXQA-10/31.5-L-A

filter SFX-160*1

filter HC9100FKP8Z

pressure hose S110-AC-AC-0050

oil-return filter YZ4320A-002

filter LH1300R5BN/HC

SVF7120 Solenoid valve


filter LH0330R30BN/HC
Electrohydraulic Servo Valve DEC21NF58N

vacuum pump 30WSRP

Signal Acquisition Card3L4645

BFP Duplex oil filter LY-15/25W

EH oil feeder filter LQ01-1

solenoid valve 3WE10A3X/CG110NZ4/V

EH oil filter QTL-6021A

filter SFX-60*5

filter SFAX-100*10

sealing ring HB4-56J8-03

EH oil main pump outlet filter (flushing) W.38.C.0130

filter TZX2-250*5Q3

pressure hose S100-AC-FB-0080

solenoid valve DG4V-3S-6C-MU-H5-60

filter SFX-950*30

4Q7063 seal gasket for conductive screw
Electrohydraulic Servo Valve DEC21NF58N

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