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Product Details
Foam glass panels Foam glass panels Foam glass panels Foam glass panels Foam glass panels
KRS foam glass panels product description:
KRS high performance rigid environmentally friendly insulation foam glass 50mm thickness for building.
Foam glass is new inorganic thermal insulating material with a structure of equally close cells. The composition is glass added
with foaming agent. It is foamed by high temperature in foaming oven and then cooled down in cooling oven. As a result it has
following characteristics: low density, low thermal conductivity, vapor impermeability, high mechanical strength but can easy to
cut and also able to bear all kinds o chemical erosious except the hydrofloric acid.
Application of KRS Foam Glass Panels:

Fireproof Foam glass board and foam glass block/50mm foam glass board sound insulation for wall
1. The ceiling of the building, maintaining the wall, the wall, external wall insulation.
2.Hot oil / bitumen reservoir.
3 .Liquid heat exchange system.
4. Hydrocarbon production systems, curing treatment system.
5 .Underground steam and cooling water piping, cooling, hot water supply line.
6 .Offshore oil platforms, paper mills, water treatment plants and breweries.
7. Compressors, wind noise and sound-absorbing wall room, sound-absorbing highway shield.

It has characteristics of light volume,low heat conductivity,non-breathability,small water absorption,no combustion,no virulence


high mechanical strength,easy processing,resistance to chemical corrosion(except Hydrofluoric acid),non toxic and stable

It is not only the cold insulation material but also the heat insulation material.It could suit the temperature range from deep
cold to higher.
KRS new material Co., Ltd is engaged in refractory and insulation material for about 20 years and had a good reputation among customers all over the world.
The main products of the company are high temperature resistant calcium silicate heat insulation products, ceramic fiber products,perlite product ,refractory brick,rock wool and other thermal insulation refractory materials.
Products are widely used in the construction of urban heat network and the heat insulation of various kinds of kiln and pipeline in metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, cement, electronics, machinery, ceramics, glass, natural gas and other industries.
Other specifications can be customized according to customer requirements.
Water repellent products can be customized.
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