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Stockpot with three-layer composite cookware(Titanium+SS+Copper)

Product Details
Stockpot with three-layer composite cookware(Titanium+SS+Copper)
Stockpot with three-layer composite cookware(Titanium+SS+Copper)
Titanium is widely used in different fields for its good strength,corrosion resistance and heat resistant,etc. Now using Titanium cookwares is one symbol for people to live a healthy kitchen lifestyle.

Product advantages:
Titanium is widely used in different fields for its good strength,corrosion resistance and heat resistant,etc. Now using Titanium cookwares is one symbol for people to live a healthy kitchen lifestyle.
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*High strength and superior bio-compatibility
*nontoxic and lightweight
*Energy saving
*Safe and healthy cooking
*Anti-bacterial property
*Out copper quicker heat transfer
*High quality life 
*When cooking, Titanium cookware can keep the original food taste and color without producing chemical reaction with food material. 
*The product is not easy to get scorched,body with scientific design ,which keeps the heat and nutrition of the food. 
*Easy to clean--The body is shaped with smooth curve,easy to dump and clean. 
*Inside finishing--inside the body,without sticking and easy to clean. 
*Outside finishing--The body is  polishing outside,high grade and durable. 
Material structures as below: 
Material: Titanium(Inside)+ SS (Middle)+ Copper(Outside) 
 Product Details :
 NameStockpot with three-layer composite cookware(Titanium+SS+Copper)
 Model numberKLS-177
 Body thickness1.5MM
 Circle diameterΦ375
 Product form1.Final goods; 2.Half-finished goods-not including the cover and handle; 3.Raw material-only circle;
 UseSuitable for using on all gas stove and radiant cooker
 Packing As per our clients’ requirements
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