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Titanium Clad Steel Plate
Titanium Clad Steel Plate
Titanium steel clad plate: Titanium has superior corrosion resistance and heat resistance, so it has better corrosion resistance than stainless steel or copper alloy and titanium in most cases, especially in seawater. Its application is expanding rapidly from space to land and from land to sea. Therefore, Titanium steel clad plate is an ideal material to replace pure titanium for a better cost effectiveness ratio.Which features a low cost and higher performance.

Applications: heat exchangers, cryogenic engineering, ocean engineering, petrochemical industry, metallurgical equipment.
Titanium is widely used as a material for various chemical reaction vessels and heat exchangers due to its excellent corrosion resistance, but its disadvantage is its high cost. This problem is particularly prominent when it is used as a structural component. An effective solution is to use a titanium steel composite plate. The composite material of titanium and ordinary steel is called a titanium steel composite material, which has both the corrosion resistance of titanium and the strength of ordinary steel plate as a structural material. It is important that the cost is also greatly reduced.
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Product NameTitanium Clad Steel Plate
Cldding Material ScopeTitanium(Gr1, Gr2, Gr3,Gr5, Gr9,Gr7, Gr11, Gr12, etc),Stainless Steel, Non-ferrous metals (aluminum,copper,nickel,zirconium,tantalum)
Titanium Type of the CladTi-steel clad plate,Ti-stainless steel clad plate,Ti-aluminum clad plate,Ti-copper clad plate,Ti-nickel clad plate
TechniqueExplosive welding, Hot rolling
StandardASTMB898,  NB/T47002.3-2010
Overall Thickness8-120mm
Cladding thickness2-15mm
Width3000mm or Customizable
Length8000mm or Customizable
Surface TreatmentPolished
PackageExport sea worthy package + water proof paper + wooden pallets
DeliveryNormally 10 days after receiving the 30% deposit
PaymentT/T, L/C, DP or Negotiable
ApplicationsPetroleum, Petroleum refining,chemical industry,light industry,electrolytic
Aluminum,food, Sea water desalination,Water conservancy
Hydropower, Nuclear energy, Marine, Medical
Aerospace, Environmental protection field
Why choose Titanium clad steel plate:
Titanium has been widely used in various chemical reaction vessels and heat exchanger materials because of its excellent corrosion resistance, but its disadvantage is high cost. Especially for the use as structural components, this problem is particularly obvious, And the effective solution is the use of titanium clad steel plate. The combination of titanium and ordinary steel is called titanium clad steel plate. It has the corrosion resistance of titanium and the strength of the ordinary steel plate as the structure. What matters most is that the overall cost can be reduced greatly.
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