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F4 resilient seated gate valve
F4 resilient seated gate valve
F4 resilient seated gate valve.
1.On -line replacement of top seal: easy installation and maintenance
2.Integral rubber-clad disc: the ductile iron framework is thermal-clad integrally with high-performance rubber, ensuring tight seal and rust prevention
3.Integrated brass nut: by means of special casting process, the brass stem nut is integrated with the disc with secure connection, thus the product is sage and reliable.
4.Flat-bottom seat: the sealing surface of the body is flat without hollow, avoiding any dirt deposit.
5.Wholly-through flow channel:the whole flow channel is through, giving“zero”pressure loss.
6.Dependable top sealing: with multi-oring structure adopted, the sealing is dependable.
7.Epoxy resin coating: the cast is sprayed with epoxy resin coat both inside and outside, and the disc is wholly clad with rubber in accordance with food hygiene requirement, so it is safe and resistant to corrosion.
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