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Product Details
Universal flange adaptor
Universal flange adaptor
J-FLOW uni-fit pipe fittings are designed to accommodate plain ended pipes with different outside diameters. thus reduces the need for stock holding,as one single coupling is able to connect different pipes materials such as ductile iron,steel,PVC,AC and others.
perfect sealing gasket
the sealing gasket with good circumferential ribs which provides a easy slide fits for maximum sealing even on pitted,cored or corroded pipes
excellent coating protection
the normal painting for universal fittings is RAL5017 fusion bond epoxy coated powder which with good anticorrosion characteristic, and the bolts and nuts are dacroment, which with good anticorrosion, thermostability characteristic than zinc plated
easy to install
the uni-fit range is supplied with carriage bolts,only need a torque wrench,from one end to tightened the nuts to finish the installation,simple and save time.
simple to fit
available as standard and long sleeve versions, the uni-fit range allowing for greater cutting tolerances and a greater pipe insertion depth which simplifies the installation
economic design
such concave design can reduce the weight of the flange adaptor,so do the economic cost for same product
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