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Weightlifting Hip Circle
Weightlifting Hip Circle

1.The Weightlifting Hip Circle Great for warming up, strengthening external rotators and abductors, teaches you to push your knees out while squatting, for dynamic stretching by walking with long strides while the bands are around your knees, lunges and more.
2. Excellent tool used by trainers and coaches to improve hip control and to cue athletes to keep their knees pushed out during squat and sumo deadlifts. Great for multiple exercise movements, these band will not roll up like latex loop bands will. Strong and durable, you will never have to replace them!
Bingehua is a China manufacturer of Exercise Resistance Band Loop. We have a high-tech work shop. We have a complete quality management system to Pu Medicine Wall Ball. Choose our Rubber Coated Kettlebell, you can be get most careful and thoughtful service! More information please view here.
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