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Product Details
Calcium silicate pipe Calcium silicate pipe Calcium silicate pipe Calcium silicate pipe Calcium silicate pipe
KRS calcium silicate product description:
Calcium silicate board products are made of SIO2 and CAO through high temperature and high pressure reaction, adding environmental protection fiber, new energy-saving insulation material without asbestos, the product can be long-term use in 650°-1050° high temperature environment, extend the service life of equipment.
1.Good durability, can bear high temperature  within the limit of continuous heat load.
2.Non-deformation within the temperature range.
3.Low thermal conductivity, in the whole range are used with unmatched adiabatic performance.
4.Light weight, high strength. It is the highest in these hard thermal insulation products.
5.Better durability, use for a long time without powder.
6.Construction with ordinary carpenter applicability, tools can be optional cut products.
7.Used safety, hygiene. Excluding asbestos, sulfur, chlorine such poisonous substances.
8.Fear water, but after drying also can be used.
Application of KRS calcium silicate pipe:
1. Steam pipeline insulation
2. Chemical pipeline
3. Oil pipelines
4. Heat pipe
5. Tank insulation
6. Boiler body insulation
7. Other insulation pipe equipment
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