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Soderberg Electrode /Carbon Paste for Ferro Chrome Smelting

Product Details
Soderberg Electrode /Carbon Paste for Ferro Chrome Smelting
Soderberg Electrode /Carbon Paste for Ferro Chrome Smelting
Soderberg Electrode /Carbon Paste for Ferro Chrome Smelting
Soderberg Electrode /Carbon Paste for Ferro Chrome Smelting
Soderberg Electrode /Carbon Paste for Ferro Chrome Smelting
Sorderberg Electrode Specification available:
Si: < 0.28% Ash: 2-10%
Resistivity: 55-90 uom V.M.: 10-15
Compress Strength: >18mpa Extensibility: 6-20
Apparent Density: >1.42g/cm3Fluidity Coefficient: 1..10-2.10
Henan Rognxing Carbon-28 years' Electrode Paste producing experience since 1991,company is located at Zhengzhou city,China.
We pay much attention on mechanical developing and technology innovation.Now we have vibratory shaping equipment,synchronism shearing,press vacuum technic,high accuracy CNC machine tool,auto-batching system etc. Especially we apply inside heat type LW graphitization technique,makes the graphite product more homogenic,more graphitized and more efficiency.
Electrode paste is a self-baking electrode used in submerged arc furnace for delivering power to the charge mix. Electrode Paste is added to the top of the electrode column in either cylindrical or briquette form. As the paste moves down the electrode column the temperature increase causes the paste to melt and subsequently bake forming a block of electrically conductive carbon. Electrode Paste is essentially a mix of Electrically Calcined Anthracite (ECA) or Calcined Petroleum Coke (CPC) with Coal Tar Pitch.
Now our products include:Â
electrode paste and recarburizers (including anthracite carburant, calcined petroleum coke carburant, graphite recarburizer) are core products, and also produce pre-baked anode, anode scrap, carbon brick coal and petroleum coke.
Products have been exported to Pakistan, Malaysia, Russia, Oman, Egypt, Czech Republic, Slovenia, etc. approx 20 countries and regions.And are well commended both in domestic and abroad.
If you are looking for standard carbon electrode paste, pls consider our wide selection.
Important:Figures given above are typical properties of represetative products,other specialized products customer need,pls call Lily for more info.
Electrode Paste Features
-Excellent Thermal and Electrical Conductivity-the sintering speed apropriate to that of consumption of working end
-Adapt to high temperature, low heat thermal expansion rate
-Lower resistivity a thus lowered power energy loss during metallurgical process
-Small porosity thus decreased electrode's oxidation when heating
-Better mechanical strenghth to avoid breaking electrode due to mechanical and electrical factors
-Low ash
Carbon Electrode Paste application
Carbon electrode paste is used by the aluminum industry, ferro-alloy industry and calcium carbide industry as an electrode in energy intensive furnaces or reduction cells.Â
Quality Assurance of Carbon Electrode Paste
 We are ISO9001:2008 certified,third party inspection such as SGS or other inspection body could be available before delivery.Â
Actually,our product 's quality performance has been well confirmed through global clients' continuous orders.Clients could test it is through a trial order if possibile to dispel doubts.
What we could supply for client?
Many of our customers remain with us for years to ensure they get the products they need, on-time and within the agreed budget.Â
In the electrode paste industry, price matters! At Rognxing, we keep overheads low to ensure that every product we offer is competitively priced and offers exceptional value. If you need a reliable, highly-experienced, and professional supplier for your carbon electrode paste, we have the capability to get the job done right!
As a 28years insisting on producing right product for client manufacturer,we stick to only one principle for business,that is service prior to quality and quality prior to price,we prefer to establish a mutual benefit and trust relationship with clients and is building such cooperation with current clients also.
Company currently annual output of products are 200,000mt of Electrode Paste.Same time,we plan to build oversea warehouse to save leading time and increase more convenient buying experience for clients.
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