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Mixing machine (apg hydraulic molding machine)

Product Details
Mixing machine (apg hydraulic molding machine) Mixing machine (apg hydraulic molding machine) Mixing machine (apg hydraulic molding machine)
1.Volmet China supplier Automatic pressure epoxy insulator hydraulic APG injection machine
2.Epoxy resin mixing device Application:
epoxy resin mixing device is applicable for mixing epoxy resin,hardener,and silica powder,to produce products such as transformer, bushing, post insulator, contact cover, sensor, various supports, etc.
3.Main technical specification
Strirring power
Strirring Speed
Vacuum pump power
Worm gear screw jack
Vacuum degree
3 (kW)
21-118 (m/min)
0.37 (kW)
1.5 (mbar)
Dimension of mixer device
Weight of mixing device
Pot capacity (L)
Machine dimension
Machine weight
1900X850X1885 (mm)
680 (KG)
APG Clamping Machines factory
1.high quality clamping mould
2.Supply APG moulds
3.Experienced engineers
4.Long life service
1:Good product quality, fine surface finish of products without bubbles.
2:High efficiency and high automation,only need 1/2 workers operate APG machine,efficiency greatly raised but the intensity of labor is decreased.
3:Chemical resistance,electrical insulation,strength resistance greatly improved.
1.thin film de-gassing, guarantee excellent vacuum degree.
2. oil cycling heating surround pot, heat raw material evenly in winter.
3.Triple safety design
4.electronic vacuum gauge more precision
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