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Dry Strength Agent
Dry strength agent is widely used in kraft paper, corrugated paper and specialty paper. It can enhance hydrogen bonding between fibers so that it can effectively improve dry strength property and physical properties of paper.

It is a kind of polyacrylamide chemical with web-type structure. It contains cathode and anode functional group in its micro-molecular structure chain. It not only owns the strong ability of anti-interference on heteroion but also owns special network structure which can effectively improve the ring-crush strength, tensile strength and bursting strength of paperboard comparing with the ordinary polyacrylamide dry strength agent. It can provide enough dry strength so that it is possible to use low price fiber or higher proportion of secondary fiber. It also has a good retention and drainage aid performance.

AppearanceTransparent viscous liquid
Content15%±1%, 20%±1%
Viscosity1500-15000 cps (25℃)
PH value3-5
IonicityAmphoteric/ Cationic/Anionic
Shelf life3 months(≤25℃)
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