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Wet Strength Agent
The wet strength agent can be adhered to the fibers in the pulp. And then, it reacts with the fibers in the dryer to form a thermosetting resin, which can be fixed permanently on the fibers and increase the strength of the fibers.
This product is a soluble polyamide polyamine resin, which can react with active-hydrogen groups, such as carboxyl, hydroxyl, and amino functional groups. Many water-soluble polymeric materials with such groups are insolubilized in the presence of wet strength agent when cast as films and dried at elevated temperatures. Polymers having carboxyl groups are generally reactive and will insolubilize even at room temperature. This product in pulp can form cross-linking network on the fiber interface, which can improve the dry strength and wet strength of paper.
AppearancePale yellow and transparent viscous liquid
Viscosity20-70 cps (25℃)
PH value3-6
Shelf life6 months(4℃-25℃)
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