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Rosin Sizing Agent
Rosin sizing solutions include cationic and anionic rosin dispersions. They can be used for the sizing of board, liner and sack and bag paper in acidic and neutral conditions.
Rosin products provide excellent sizing performance through enhanced self-retention and low emulsifier content. The rosin emulsion and the particle size are very stable. It is particularly suitable for packaging paper, such as white cardboard and coated paper. Rosin sizing agent with high cationic charge can be retained in the pulp by itself so that demand of aluminum sulfate is reduced abundantly. The rosin sizing agent can be used in the condition of extensive scale of pH, especially near neutrality (4.5-6.5). With very small dosage, it can improve the durability and strength of the paper observably. The pollution load of the waste water and the corrosion of the equipment can be reduced. Pollution of forming net and press felt also can be reduced.
AppearanceWhite emulsion
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