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AKD Emulsion
AKD emulsion is widely used in the paper industry. The active ingredient in AKD emulsion is used in paper manufacturing and the sizing makes paper less water absorbing and improves its printing properties.
AKD emulsion products are easy-to-use cationic Alkyl Ketene Dimer (AKD) dispersions. They provide excellent paper machine runnability and efficient, fast and even sizing for various paper and board grades, such as high-quality fine paper, printing paper and packaging boards.
AKD emulsion sizes can be used in moderately acidic, neutral and very alkaline processes, even at a pH of 10. AKD is the only sizing agent providing resistance to lactic acid and it can be used when a hard degree of sizing is needed. Miracle’s own AKD wax and size production facilities allow flexibility in the supply of optimal solutions for each customer’s individual needs.
AppearanceWhite emulsion
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