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General product information:
Common Name: AKD wax
Chemical Name: Alkyl Ketene Dimer
CAS: 144245-85-2
AKD and ASA have become more frequently used in the papermaking industry during the last decade as neutral sizing agent which has replaced the acidic sizing agent (Gum Rosin) greatly. Advantages: Compare to Acidic sizing agent (Gum Rosin), The Neutral / Alkaline Sizing Agent (AKD) is a chemical treatment that reduces machine breakdown and water recycling difficulties. AKD plays a significant role in minimizing the detrimental environmental impact of water contamination by facilitating the recycling of water in the paper production process. In particular, the reactive neutral sizing AKD emulsion produced by us has increased the amount of AKD particles per unit volume through effective dispersion, resulting in obvious improvement of sizing effects in the range of pH 6.5~9.0.
AppearancePale yellow or off-white solid
Contents of C18≥35%
Iodine value43.0g I2/100g
Acid value≤3.5mg KOH/g
Melting point47℃
Shelf life6 months(≤25℃)
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