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lightweight insulating brick
lightweight insulating brick
lightweight insulating brick
lightweight insulating brick
KRS Lightweight insulating brick description:
1.Made by high pure mullite as raw material,and adding alumina powder according to different type and then sintering in high temperature.
2.Al2O3 content is 50-85%.
3.Bulk density is 0.6-1.75g/cm3, crushing strength is 1.5-6.0MPa, thermal conductivity is 0.221-0.72W/(m.K) (1350°C)
4.Working temperature:less than 1600°C,Max working temperature:1700°C.
Lightweight insulating brick properties & advantages :
1.Low levels of iron and other impurities;
2.High mechanical intensity;
3.High refractoriness, can contact with the flame directly, suitable for various atmosphere;
4.High porosity, low volume density, low thermal conductivity;
5.Good heat insulating performance and energy-efficient;
6.Low creep rare at high temperature,good thermal shock stability;
7.Chemical corrosion resistance;
8.Long service life.
Application of Lightweight insulating brick:
Mullite insulation bricks can be in direct contact with the flame.
Mullite insulation bricks can be used as linings or as thermal preservation layers in various industrial furnaces and kilns in metallurgical industry, ceramic industry, chemical industry, machinery industry, such as blast furnace, hot blast stoves ,electric arc furnace, cement kiln,melting furnace, ignition furnace, flue, refining equipment, heating equipment and piping, regeneration device, gas furnace, soaking furnace, annealing furnace, heat reaction chamber and other thermal industrial equipment.
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