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ceramic fiber board
ceramic fiber board
ceramic fiber board
ceramic fiber board
KRS ceramic fiber board description:
All kinds of ceramic fibre board adopt ceramic fibre which is in Corresponding temperature level as raw material, through the large automatic vacuum filter molding machine to shape them, then they will be done after special baking.
The product with good toughness and strength appears flattening and the ceramic material distributes uniformity, it also has excellent Thermal insulation performance
Heating is not inflated, light, construction convenient, free shear and bending, is the ideal energy-efficient insulation materials of a furnace, piping and other equipment
Ceramic fiber board properties & advantages :
1.Low thermal conductivity and ow heat storage
2.High temperature stability and resistant to thermal shock
3.High crushing strength and good toughness
4.Allow machining and cutting, easy application
5.Resistant to airflow erosion
Application of ceramic fiber board:
1.All kinds of industrial furnace hot face and back face insulation
2.Kiln linerof the high-temperature furnace, kiln cars, door damper, furnace temperature to separate plate
3.Deep processing products molding mould, like Craft glass etc
4.Astronavigation,Shipbuilding heat insulation,fireproofing, sound proofing, insulation.
KRS new material Co., Ltd is engaged in refractory and insulation material for about 20 years and had a good reputation among customers all over the world.
The main products of the company are high temperature resistant calcium silicate heat insulation products, ceramic fiber products,perlite product ,refractory brick,rock wool and other thermal insulation refractory materials.
Products are widely used in the construction of urban heat network and the heat insulation of various kinds of kiln and pipeline in metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, cement, electronics, machinery, ceramics, glass, natural gas and other industries.
Other specifications can be customized according to customer requirements.
Water repellent products can be customized.
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