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High Temperature Chain Oil Additive Package DG6031

Product Details
High Temperature Chain Oil Additive Package DG6031
High Temperature Chain Oil Additive Package DG6031
(1)Introduction and Application
This product has excellent performance of antioxidant, antirust and anticoking.
The oil formulated by this product and base oil of deep refined oil or synthetic oil, which has been proved by practice that the effect is remarkable and has excellent performance of high temperature stability and low evaporation losses. The tendency of carbon deposition and coking at high temperature is very low, and the liquid film lubrication does not produce harmful gas.
(2)Dosage Reference
The recommended dosage is 1.2-2.0%
(3)Quality Index
ItemQuality IndexTest Method
AppearanceBrown Transparent LiquidVisual
Kinematic Viscosity (40°C), mm2/sReportGB/T265
Flash Point (Open), °C≥110GB/T3536
Mechanical Impurities, %(m/m)
Water, %(m/m)
According to the requirements of SH/T0164, the maximum temperature should not exceed 75°C for the storage, handling and blending of the product, and it should not exceed 45°C for long-term storage.
For more details of health and safety precautions, please refer to Material Safety Data Sheet.
Net Weight: 180Kg/Iron Drum.
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