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Product Details
Sulfurized isobutylene T321
(1)Introduction and Application
The product has excellent anti-rust, emulsifying dispersion, lipophilicity hydrophilicity and water displacement performance.
It is suitable for cutting oil and emulsified oil.
(2)Dosage Reference
The recommend dosage is 3~15% (m/m).
(3)Quality Index
ItemQuality IndexTest Method
Appearance Brownish red transparent liquidVisual
Sodium Sulfonate,%(m/m)≥49SH/0391-95
Mineral oil content,%(m/m)≤50——
Inorganic salt content,%(m/m)≤3.5Report
Water,%(m/m)   ≤1GB/T260
PH value≥7Appendix A
According to the requirements of SH/T0164, the maximum temperature should not exceed 75°C for the storage, handling and blending of the product, and it should not exceed 45°C for long-term storage.
For more details of health and safety precautions, please refer to Material Safety Data Sheet..
Net Weight: 200kg /Iron Drum.
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