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Product Details
GW Vertical sewage centrifugal pump
GW Vertical sewage centrifugal pump
GW Vertical sewage centrifugal pump
GW Vertical sewage centrifugal pump
GW Vertical sewage centrifugal pump
GW Vertical pipeline sewage pump not clogging drainage pump
GW type non-clogging pipeline sewage pump is a new generation of pump product which is successfully developed on the basis of introducing foreign advanced technology and combining with the usage characteristics of domestic water pump. It has unique effect in discharging solid particles and long fiber waste.
GW not clogging pipeline sewage pumps adopts unique impeller structure and new mechanical seal, which can effectively transport solid matter and long fiber. Compared with traditional impeller, the impeller of this pump adopts the form of single flow channel or double flow channel, which is similar to a curved pipe with the same size of section, and has very good pass flow ability. It is equipped with a reasonable cochlear chamber, which makes the pump have high efficiency.
Characteristics of GW type non - clogging sewage pump
1, pump and motor direct coaxial, electromechanical integration products, compact structure, stable performance.
2, large flow channel anti-blocking hydraulic components design, greatly improve the sewage through capacity, can effectively pass through the pump diameter of 5 times of fiber substances and pump diameter of about 50% of the solid particles.
3. Reasonable design, reasonable supporting motor, high efficiency, low noise, remarkable energy saving effect.
4. The mechanical seal adopts hard wear-resistant tungsten carbide, which is durable and wear-resistant, and can make the pump run safely and continuously for more than 8000 hours.
5. The pump is of vertical structure, the import and export center line is on the same horizontal line, and the import and export flange specifications are the same, the installation and disassembly is very convenient.
6. Small floor area, no need to build machine room, can save a lot of infrastructure costs;The whole machine can be put in the outdoor work by adding a protective cover at the wind blade end of the motor.
125 GW8-22-1.1258221.1290038.5
232 GW12-15-1.13212151.1290040
340 GW15-15-1.54015151.5290045.1
440 GW15-30-2.24015302.2290048
550 GW20-7-0.75502070.75290054
650 GW10-10-0.755010100.75290056
750 GW20-15-1.55020151.5290055
850 GW15-25-2.25015252.2290056
950 GW25-20-2.25025202.2290056
1050 GW18-30-35018303290058
1150 GW25-32-5.55025325.5290053
1250 GW20-40-7.55020407.5290055
1365 GW25-15-2.26525152.2290052
1465 GW37-13-36537133290055
1565 GW25-30-46525304290058
1665 GW30-40-7.56530407.5290056
1765 GW35-50-1165355011290060
1865 GW35-60-1565356015290063
1980 GW40-7-2.2804072.2145052
2080 GW43-13-38043133290050
2180 GW40-15-48040154290057
2280 GW65-25-7.58065257.5290056
23100 GW80-10-410080104145062
24100 GW110-10-5.5100110105.5145066
25100 GW100-15-7.5100100157.5145067
26100 GW80-20-7.510080207.5145068
27100 GW100-25-111001002511145065
28100 GW100-30-151001003015145066
29100 YW100-35-18.51001003518.5145065
30125 GW100-15-111251001511145062
31125 GW130-20-151251302015145063
32150 GW145-9-7.515014597.5145063
33150 GW180-15-151501801515145065
34150 GW180-20-18.51501802018.5145075
35150 GW180-25-221501802522145076
36150 GW130-30-221501303022145075
37150 GW180-30-301501803030145073
38150 GW200-30-371502003037145070
39150 GW160-45-371501603737145070
40200 GW300-7-1120030071198073
41200 GW250-11-15200250111598074
42200 GW250-15-18.52002501518.5145072
43200 GW400-10-222004001022145076
44200 GW400-13-302004001330145073
45200 GW300-15-222003001522145073
46200 GW250-22-302002502230145071
47200 GW350-25-372003502537145075
48200 GW400-30-552004003055145070
49250 GW600-9-3025060093098074
50250 GW600-12-372506001237145078
51250 GW600-15-552506001555145075
52250 GW600-20-552506002055145073
53300 GW500-15-45300500154598070
54300 GW800-15-55300800155598073
55300 GW600-20-55300600205598075
56300 GW800-20-75300800207598078
57300 GW950-20-90300950209098080
58300 GW1000-25-11030010002511098082
59350 GW1100-10-553501100105598084.5
60350 GW1500-15-903501500159098082.5
61350 GW1200-18-903501200189098083.1
62350 GW1100-28-13235011002813274083.2
63350 GW1000-36-16035010003616074078.5
64400 GW2000-15-13240020001513274085.5
65400 GW1700-22-16040017002216074082.1
66400 GW1500-26-16040015002616074083.5
67400 GW1700-30-20040017003020074083.5
68400 GW1800-32-25040018003225074082.1
69500 GW2500-10-11050025001011074082
70500 GW2600-15-16050026001516074083
71500 GW2400-22-22050024002222074084
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