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Product Details
Unipolar Hall Sensor AH441
Unipolar Hall Sensor AH441
Features of our Linear Hall Sensor
Rated working voltage 4.5 V ~ 24 V, the limit voltages as low as 3.5 V;
Operating temperature range: -40℃ ~ 150℃;
Rated output current(sink) : 25 mA, the maximum output current(sink): 50 mA;
Switch response time is about 1μs, the operating frequency DC ~ 100 kHz;
Small temperature drift between operating point and release point;
There are variety of packages and out packing options;
No mechanical contact, no spark, switch signal stability, no shaking moment, high reliability and safety;
Products meet the EU RoHS instruction 2011/65 / EU and REACH regulations 1907/2006 / EU requirements.
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