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Titanium Dioxide Anatase DHA-100

Product Details
Titanium Dioxide Anatase DHA-100
Titanium Dioxide Anatase DHA-100
Titanium Dioxide Anatase DHA-100

Production Description:
Good whiteness, high tinting strength and hiding power, average partical size distribution.

Widely used in many industrial fields, such as coating, printing ink, masterbatch, pvc plastic profiles and plastic industries etc.

Technical Data:

Purity TiO2 % ≥98
Color L* ≥ 98.2
b* 0.2 ≤ b ≤ 0.9
Tinting strength(compare with standard) ≥100
Water soluble, % (m/m) ≤0.6
PH of suspension, aqueous solution retainted6.5 ~ 8.0
Oil absorption, g/100g ≤23
Residue on sieve 45μm , % (m/m) ≤0.10
Matter volatile at 105℃,% (m/m) ≤0.5
Resistivity of aqueous extract Ωm ≥ 20

Packing: 25kgs paper-plastic compound bag,500kgs and 1000kgs bulk bag as optional.
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