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Antiscorching Agent PVI

Product Details
Antiscorching Agent PVI
Antiscorching Agent PVI(CTP)
Chemical Name:N-Cyclohexy(thio)phthalimide
Synonyms: CTP,PVI
Molecular Formula: C14H15O2NS
Molecular weight: 261.33
CAS NO.: 17796-82-6
Technical Specification: Q/SHY003-2000
Product Feature
It is white or yellow crystal. It can be soluble in acetone, benzene,toluene,ethyl ether and ethyl acetate as well as warm carbon tetra chloride,ethyl alcohol and heptane. It also can be slightly dissolved in gasoline, but not in kerosene and water.
Product Specification / Models
Appearance White or light yellow powder crystal powder
Melting point,C -------------------MIN 89.0
Ash ,%,----------------------------MAX 0.10
Heating loss,%,-------------------MAX 0.30
Insoluble matter in toluene,%,----MAX 0.50
Application / Models
The product may be used in NR and SR. It may be protect effectively the rubber material from scorching during processing. So that to make it possible for extruder and calendar to be running at a high temperature and high speed and improve the production capacity of vulcanizer. The product also can improve the storage stabilization of the rubber material, protect natual vulcanization during storage. It has reclaimation function for rubber material, which bearing high heating or with dangers of scorching.
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