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Product Details
fiber optic patch cord fiber optic patch cord fiber optic patch cord
Quick Detail:
(2)Ferrule End-face:PC,UPC,APC
(3)Core Type:Single-mode(SM:9/125um),Multimode(MM:50/125um or 62.5/125um),OM3(10G)fiber
(4)Cable Quantity:Cable Quantity:Simplex,Duplex,6cores,12corns,16cores,24cores,36cores,48cores…
(5)Cable Diameter:φ3.0mm,φ2.0mm,φ0.9mm
(6)Cable Length: 1,2,3 meter or customized
(7)Cable type: PVC,LSZH,OM3,OFNR,OFNP,Plenum

Various connector type available
Low back reflection loss
Compact size
Low insertion loss
High Return Loss
Diameter:φ0.9mm,φ2.0mm,φ3.0mm Fiber Available
Single-mode Fiber or Multi-mode Fiber Available(For Simplex or Duplex)

Communication rooms
FTTH(Fiber to The Home)
LAN(Local Area Network)
FOS(fiber optic sensor)
Fiber Optic Communication System
Optical fiber connected and transmitted equipment
Defense combat readiness
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