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Product Details
SCADA System
The supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system is a computer-based system used to monitor and control the production process and dispatching management. It is widely used for a variety of industries like water and waste control, energy, oil and gas and transportation and etc. For oil and gas industry, it can be performed as an integrated controlling and monitoring system for field equipments including data gathering, measuring, parameter adjusting and various signals' transmitting and alarms raising, etc.

Features & Benefits
·Mainly consists of field data interface device (RTU/PLC), field sensing devices, a collection of software system, host computer and etc;
·The high data integrity truly reflects the situations of system as a whole, considerably improves the production/troubleshooting efficiency;
·Real time data monitoring and collecting on oil pipelines and its ancillary devices whilst having the capacity of recording and reports generating;
·Decentralized control design, versatile PLC makes it easy for possible expansion;
·Employs the DH + network structure paralleling with Ethernet;
·Direct communication between PLC and operation station whilst maintaining the maximum independence and flexibility between them;
·User-friendly HMI;
·Multi-level user access against human error;
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