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Product Details
BOP (Blowout Preventer) Control System
The BOP (Blowout Preventer) Control System is applied to controlling the close/open of blowout preventers to prevent possible blowout. Such as the on-off controlling of blind ram/pipe ram preventer and annular BOP.

Technical Data
·BOP Control NOs: 2~10 pcs
·Working Pressure: 3,150psi
·Max. Working Pressure: 5,175psi
·Pressure Regulating Range: 0~2,100psi
·N2 Accumulator Pressure: 1,050±15psi
·Pressure Controller Adjusting: 2,850~3,150psi
·Liquid/Gas Switch Closing Pressure: 3,150psi
·Drive Air Pressure: 97~150psi
·Power Supply: 380V±19V/50hz
·Ambient Temperature: -13℃~+60℃
·Control Pressure: 1,575psi
·System Pressurizing Time: ≤15 Minutes
·Accumulator Stack: as per the Nos of BOP
·Motor Pump Unit: as per the Nos of BOP
·Pneumatic Pump Unit: 2 pumps

Reference Standards
·SY/T 205053.1
·SY/T 205053.2
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