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Product Details
cylinder hydro-static test bench cylinder hydro-static test bench cylinder hydro-static test bench
· ISO9809_Part1 · ISO11439 · ECE R110
Hydrostatic pressure burst (with expansion measuring) test stand is dedicated to performing burst pressure test for gas cylinders, accumulators or other pressure vessels.

Test objects: CNG/LPG/gas cylinders, fire-fighting extinguishers, seamless steel cylinders, and other kinds of pressure vessel or accumulators.

Technical data:

Test Pressure: Max. 200MPa Test Medium: Water Test Port: 1 port Constant pressure range:5%~100%F.S Rate of pressure rise: ≤5Bar/s Timing Range: 0~999Min Pressure control precision:±0.1%F.S Pressure measuring precision:±0.5% F.S Drive air 0.5MPa≤P≤0.8MPa Volumetric expansion precision:±1%F.S Pressure acquisition frequency: ≥1000Hz Power Source: AC 380V,50Hz Dimension:960*650*1200mm


Fully Automatic operation controlled by PC

High speed data acquisition system supports real time display of Pressure-Time/Expansion-Time/ Pressure-Expansion curves.

High-speed acquisition on burst pressure value, automatically collecting yield point pressure.

Test result saved automatically when emergency or power down happens accidentally.

User configuration on output pressure, pressure holding time and etc within its specified range. *(Pressure Mode B)

Stable and reliable IVS test software, easy operation and monitor. Multiple pressurization modes are accessible.

The control program is provided with the functions of self-correction, temperature compensation and elimination of test system deformations.

Pumps, valves, tubing and fittings made of stainless steel in the USA. Allows high test precision, stability, and easy maintenance.

Power failure protection design, automatic high pressure releasing at power down.

Most of the liquid medium is applicable.

Video monitoring is applicable on request.
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