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Product Details
Coumarone Indene Resin
Product Model: Coumarone Indene Resin
Grade: C90
Synonyms: C90 ,Coal-tar resins,Coumarone-indene resins,Benzofuranyl indenyl resin,coumarone indene
Physical Properties: C90 has excellent cementing, antioxidant, waterproof, thermal stability,acid and alkali chemical stability.

Softening Point(℃)70-90, 90-100, 100-110, 110-120
Acid Value (KOH/g)0.4 max
Ash, %0.05 max
Color No.18

1. Deep color resin is commonly used as rubber softener, rubber additive, and is mainly used for making types, rubber tubes, covey belt, triangle belt and rubber shoes.
2. It may improve rubber process capability, intensify physical property of rubber, improve the intensity, elasticity and antioxidant of manufacture.
3.It can be used in low-end painting.
4. It also can be used as waterproof of polyurethane and antisepsis dope.

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