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Product Details
Reclaim Rubber Activator/ Activating Agent
Reclaim Rubber Activator/ Activating Agent
The rubber reclaiming agent has better permeability and stability in the desulfuration process of reclaimed rubber. It can increase the strength tensile, elongation of reclaim rubber and low the Mooney viscosity. This improves the performance of reclaim rubber.

Product Specification
AppearanceDark brown viscous liquid
Total Sulfur Content11% Min
Combined Sulfur Content 10% Min
Free Sulfur content1% Max
Viscosity (35 centigrade), Pa.s8-20
Solubility in waterNegligible

1.Shorten the desulfurizing time
2.Improve the product quality
3.Decrease the production cost

Widely used for the whole tire reclaim rubber, butyl reclaim rubber and EPDM reclaim rubber.

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