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Shipping Container Desiccant
Shipping Container Desiccant
production descriptionDuring the transportation of containers,there will be condensation of water and steam due to the change of temperature and humidity,the use of container desiccant can reduce the exposure and control the water phenomenon of the container.the container is free from encroachment and can still keep dry after absorption and do not produce any pollution.it is a green and environmental protection product.
product features1. eco-friendly,non toxic,harmless environmental protection product.
2. Hygroscopicity:it can effectively control condensation of water vapor and good absorption performance.
3.various types,diverse styles and meticulous packaging.
moisture absorption rate300%
suitable temperature20degree, RH=100%,the longest effective humidity control time is 30-90 days.
applicationMainly used for container and cargo which could protect goods from moisture keep your products safety.
storage and packageGenerally it is use of non-woven fabric of box packing which can be designed according to customer requirements range from 500g to2000g.
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