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YOYIK level switch OWK-1G
Selection of advanced technology, absolutely first-class service quality, YOYIK over the years to the same faith. The main technical backbone are from the East system retired senior engineer, senior mechanic. Many of them have participated in the planning, production and installation of power stations such as Gezhouba, Ertan and Three Gorges, and provided high-quality equipment selection, construction planning, installation and dispensing of hundreds of hydropower stations and overhaul of thermal power plants. , After-sales service and other train services.
level switch OWK-1G
shaft sealing filter KLS-50U/80 PN1.6
pressure hose SMS-10-610-B
filter SFX-110*10
filter YQ2UX-25*10
1Q7084 No.40 No.1 Vulcanized fiber board 1.5
HH6424DF24 Three way rotary valve
filter IX-630*180
ZS-03 L=100 Speed sensor
oil filter ZU-F60*10BSIII
25CR2MOVA M422*2880/GB901C-76 IP guide steam pipe bolt stud
filter RFA-250*20FC
filter IX-630*100
sealing ring HB4-56J8-109
6205USA UBC bearing for sealing oil pump
125LY-35 guide bearing for AC EOP
Circulating oil pump inlet filter WU-63*80-J
EH oil supply device filter HPU-V100/A
stainless steel bellows globe valve 10FJ1.6P
filter CFRX-250*3Q
Circulating oil pump inlet filter W.38.B.0011
steam turbine bolt heater ZJ-20-R1
oil pump F3-V10-1S6S-1C-20
Aj-ha32bpn31.5mpa Jacking oil system non-return valve
filter HXW-160*100
ZJ-22-38 bolt heating rods for steam turbines
filter FC1240.Q020.XS
DET-1000B LVDT displacement sensor
EH oil pump PVH74 (QI)C-RM-IS-10-C14
HP starting oil pump 100LY-215-2
BA34H-112HBM-40-25-125 alkali liquor regeneration pump for power plant
Gear oil pump CB-1.2
filter HBX-10*40
DF-KTV1-1 0204 Signal transducer card
oil filter XU-A400*100FS
LJC25-2.5P globe check valve
filter HC2216FKP4H
filter HX.BH-10*5Q
filter 0850R010BN3HC/-V
filter 0240D020BN3HC
ZJ-14.5-400 bolt heating rods for steam turbines
EH oil main pump outlet filter HQ25.600.14Z
filter STZX2-63*30
oil filter ZL-160*100
level switch OWK-1G
filter HDX-10*10Q3
filter FRD.WJA1.058
oil filter Q2U-A250*30FS
sealing ring HB4-56J8-186

level switch OWK-1G
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