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Product Details
Flat Panel Solar Water Heater - 150L
Flat Panel Solar Water Heater - 150L
Flat Panel Solar Water Heater - 150L
Flat Panel Solar Water Heater - 150L
Flat Panel Solar Water Heater - 150L
Description: Flat panel solar water heater(IRA-FP-1)
Material of out tank: 0.31mm thickness color steel/ fluorine carbon steel
Material of inner tank: Food grade 1.2 mm thickness SUS304 stainless steel
Tank insulating layer: 50mm thickness, 45kg/m³ high-density polyurethane foamed
Inlet and outlet hole: Female G 3/4
Max pressure: 0.6Mpa
Flat panel solar bcollector Dimension: 2000x1000x80mm
Absorber material: Selective balck chorme/Blue coating
Head pipe: Copper/Φ22x0.6
Branch pipe: Copper/Φ10x0.5
Quantity of Branch pipe: 7PCS
Welding: Laser welding
Cover: Low iron tempered textured glass
Frame: Anodised aluminium alloy
Insulation material: Rock wall
Bracket: 1.5mm thickness of galvanized steel material,25degree.
Structure of tank: 8 holes for PT valve,water inlet and outlet,electric heater,Mag Rod , Temp.Sensor.Heat exchange inlet and outlet
Welding: Argon arc welding
Fastening pieces: Made of stainless steel screw
Absorber area: 2m²
Temperature tolerance: from -5C to 250C
Tank capacity: 150L

Quality features, certificates

High level of efficiency due to Sunselect coating on the absorber.
Low energy loss thanks to excellent thermal insulation.
Suitable for on−roof and flat−roof assembly Installation: vertical, side by side.
Robust aluminium frame for maximum durability.
Highly reliable with long useful life due to the use of high quality, corrosion−resistant materials. Glass covering made from low iron solar glass.
Easy to erect and install.
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