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Product Details
VOL-1500 winding machine VOL-1500 winding machine VOL-1500 winding machine VOL-1500 winding machine
VOL-1500E auto ct winding machine is used for winding large sized toroidal shape Coils,is a new generation of winding equipment according to the power industry requirement.
YW-1500E winding machine features:
YW-1500E Large- sized toroidal shape coil CNC circular winding machine
Japan Mitsubishi PLC control High productive,human-computer interaction.
Stepping motor speed control for accurate winding,Winding speed can be specified using the front panel keys.
User friendly control console with touch screen.
High-tech shuttle for highest efficiency.
Microprocessor based controls, easy for program-setting and handling for operator.
Large memory capacity for storing steps of winding.
Password protection for administrative settings as well as operators setting.
Easy programming of multi-step, multi-speed settings.
Heavy machine weight design to avoid machine shaking while winding.
Automatically laying wire, change winding direction.
Realize dual-wire, multi-wire winding, forward and backward winding, preset 100 different kinds of wire data in machine.
Main technical parameters
Diameter rang of windable electromagnetic wireφ1.0~3.5mm
Min inner diameter of winded coilsφ200mm
Max outer diameter of winded coilsφ1500mm
Max height of winded coils250mm
Max winding rotation speed100rpm
Machine tool power2.2kW
Max outline size of machine tool1300*1000*1500mm
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