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20t Double Shear Beam Load Cell
OIML Zemic HM9B sensor 20t double shear beam load cells for weighbridge with high quality white bottom Specifications: Capacityt10/20/25/30/40SE/40/50Accuracy C1C2C3A5MB10MApprovals   OIML R60 C3  Maximum number of 
verification intervalsn max100020003000500010000Minimum load cell 
verification interval v min Emax/3000 Emax/5000 Emax/7500 Emax 
/15000 Emax 
/10000 Combined error(%FS)≤±0.050≤±0.030≤±0.020≤±0.026≤±0.050Creep(%FS/30min)≤±0.038≤±0.024 ≤±0.016  ≤±0.017 ≤±0.040Temperature effect 
on sensitivity%FS/10℃) ≤±0.028  ≤±0.017≤±0.011 ≤±0.013≤±0.040Temperature effect 
on zero(%FS/10℃)  ≤±0.047 ≤±0.023 ≤±0.015 ≤±0.014 ≤±0.020Output sensitivity mv/v) 2.0±0.0022.3±0.002 2.4±0.002 1.9±0.002 1.8±0.002 Input resistance(Ω)700 ±7775 ±5750 ±7Output resistance(Ω)(Ω)700 ±7Insulation resistance(MΩ)≥ 5000(50VDC)Zero balance(%FS)1.5Temperature, compensated(℃) -10~+40 Temperature,allowed(℃) -35~+65 Excitation, Recommended(V) 5~12(DC) Excitation,Max(V) 18(DC) Safe overload(%FS) 150Ultimate overload(%FS) 300 Outline Dimension mm(inch):Capacity:10t to 50t. 
High accuracy. 
Alloy steel construction. 
Easy installation, reliable performance. Description: 1. HM9B load cell are available in the capacities 10t to 50t. 
2. Alloy steel construction, nickel plated , hermetically welded,oil-proof,waterproof and anti-corrosive gas and medium making ,it suitable for all kinds of environments. 
3. Dual shear beam, Suitable for electronic truck scales,railway scales and other electronic weighing devices. 
4. It is safety and anti-explosion product that can be used in atrocious weather and hazardous areas.
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