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Product Details
High Precision Ss304 4-20ma Gas Orifice Plate
High Precision Ss304 4-20ma Gas Orifice Plate
Standard Stainless Steel Orifice Plate Meter, High Precision Gas Orifice Plate Supplier
Quick Details:
Place of OriginHenan, China (Mainland)Brand NameWEILIModel NumberWLG
Accuracy1.0% orifice plateApplication Measuring orifice plateMedium temperature-20 ~ 530℃ orifice plate
Product Namehigh precision SS304 4-20mA gas orifice platePower supply DC24 V/220VAC 50HZ orifice platemeasurement accuracy±1cm(Pillar diameter 1cm)
Output4-20mA /RS485 orifice plateMediumGasoline orifice plateConnectionThread orifice plate

Product Description:
high accuracy oil low price orifice plate
WLG is a kind of throttling device which possesses advantages of simple structure ,and good performance .The design ,manufacturing and applicationare all in conformity with the stipulations of international standards ISO5167-1991 or national standards GB/T2624-93.WLG orific-plate flowmeter can be used to measure volumetric flow of the stable one-orientation medium in the closed pipes coupled with differential pressure transmitter and relative flow display instrument .It is widely used in petroleum , chemical.metallurgy,power ,environment protection.

technical parameters
Nominal Bore:DN20~ DN2000mm
Nominal Pressure:0.6 ~ 32MPa(≥20MPaHigh-pressure lens plate or fully welding )
Medium Temperature-20 ~ 530℃
Accuracy±0.5% ~ ±1.5%

ModeNominal BoreAperture proportion
β=d/DRenault range
RedNominal pressure
Angle joint20~20000.2~0.755×103~1080.6~6.3Orifice plateRing casingFlange
Flange20~20000.2~0.758×103~108Stainless steelStainless steel or Carbon steelStainless steel or Carbon steel

Main Features:
1.The construction is simple ,fastness and easy to install .
2.Pressure tapping mode : Angle joint or flange mode.
3.Needless of true flow calibration.
4. Widely used ,working reliably ,performing stably.
5.Various accessories can be designed for customers.
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